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Welcome to! At this site, you will find more than twenty pages connected to covenant theology (under the four broader categories of covenant, sacraments, justification, and ecclesiology). These pages will generally follow a three part format. First, a brief introductory overview of the subject at hand. Second, a growing, briefly annotated bibliography of helpful literature. And third, pertinent quotations, mostly drawn from historical confessions and theologians.

If this is your first visit, you will likely find it most helpful to begin with the basic category pages (linked at left), before moving on to the other pages linked from the main category pages. Other than the introduction, the order of reading these main categories is not likely to be overly crucial. Most important to getting your bearings will be the introduction, which will help you understand the overall purposes and aims in both content and organization. As the name implies, I suggest you leave the “postscript” for last.

With regard to the bibliography, all online articles and essays are linked; simply click on the bold print. Amazon links to all bibliography books, where available, will also be attempted, but please note that some books are out of print or unavailable from Amazon. I will try to provide alternative links for these, where I can find them.

Please note that has an alternative style sheet set up for “cleaner” printing. (Check “Print Preview” and you will see: you won't have to print all the “extra” things like the navigation bar, the header, and the footer.)

Glad you are here. May the Lord employ this little site to be a blessing to you.

Soli Deo gloria.