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Who and why is a project of Tim Gallant, a biblical scholar and former pastor of Conrad Christian Reformed Church (Conrad, Montana). A graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary (2000), Tim is author of Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord’s Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children, and a wide variety of articles in biblical studies, sacraments, theology, and church life. He specializes in studies in Paul on the side, and currently serves as an elder of Christ Covenant Church of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Tim initiated this project out of a set of several convictions: (1) that the matter of the covenant is widely misunderstood and underappreciated in our day; (2) that the early continental Reformed viewpoint was, in various respects, superior to later developments; and (3) that there are still many fruitful areas for discussion, reformulation, and reformation of Reformed faith and practice.

Thus, this site could be subtitled: “resources for conversation in historical Reformed and biblical context.” This project is aimed to be neither one of a romantic notion of “let’s get back to the pristine past,” nor one of revisionism (“the early Reformers believed whatever it is that I happen to believe”). Rather, it is an attempt to provide helpful material for further reflection, from a position of sympathetic awareness of the teaching of our forefathers in the faith - all while staying true to their own fundamental conviction: that all of our thinking and theologizing must ever stand under the scrutiny of the one ultimate authority, the Word of the living God. Sola Scriptura.

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